Lantech S1200在線懸臂式裹膜機

The S-1200 is the first completely pre-engineered stretch wrapper offered by Lantech. With over 100 pre-engineered options to choose from, the machine can be tailored to fit almost any application with no impact on delivery time. By combining our application history with our world-class one-piece flow manufacturing facility, we can deliver a machine that matches the customer application in 8-10 weeks or less.

The S-1200 is equipped with Pallet-Grip®, the patented solution that locks your load to the pallet to reduce load shifting, product damage, and returned goods.

Processor Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500
HIM / Touchscreen Allen Bradley PanelView 600+ Monochrome
Logic Lan-Logix™ powered by RSLogix 500

Peak Production Speed 30-45 loads/hour
Maximum Load Diagonal 72"
Maximum Load Height 75"
Maximum Load Weight 4000 lbs

Load Handling
Load-Seeking™ Clamp Standard
Wrap Arm Zone 80"
Wrap Arm Drive 1/2 HP TEFC
Wrap Arm Speed (Variable) 12 RPM

Film Delivery System
Pallet-Grip® Standard
Film Delivery System Power Roller Stretch®
Standard Pre-stretch 200%
E-Z Thread™ Roll Carriage Standard
Wrapping Force Variable(Electric)
Film Capacity 10" roll diameter
Standard Film Width 20"

Machine Shipping Weight
Approximate Shipping Weight 8700 lbs

Electrical 230 VAC
Pneumatic 3-5 CFM @ 80 PSI
Service Support 24 hrs - 7 days/wk

3 years unlimited cycles

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